Writing Strategy

You know too much!

Over the years, in-house experts have been a wonderful resource for me as a writer. They’ve taught me about their products and technologies. Given me insights into their customers and markets. But, when it comes to crafting a message and marketing copy, this in-depth knowledge can actually be a barrier.

I often get pages and pages of positioning statements and support points for a direct mail postcard. It’s sometimes hard to be brutal and whittle it all down to a headline that really hits home. A few paragraphs of copy that speak to the needs of the reader. But it’s even harder to do when it’s your baby. When you’ve worked your heart out to bring it to market. Sat through endless meetings coming up with all the wonderful things you want to say about it. And there is a place for all of it.

That’s where the strategy comes in. Knowing what and how much to say at what point in the sales cycle is a decision that’s often best made by somebody external. Whether it’s an agency or a freelance resource, we often have a more objective point of view that can enable us to make your message clear and impactful.